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August 2 2007, 2:04 PM

I should seriously make some time to work on a vector soon. I haven't done any personal designs for two months now. I've just been working...8:00-6:00 and sometimes 8:00-10:00 for my current job.

I don't know why I chose to be on salary instead of hourly, because I get absolutely no overtime compensation. And when I'm not at work, I'm on call anyway.

I've been overloaded with freelance too (which I work on after I get home  ... good thing I hired Kat and Rachael to lend some helping hands in that area. That will definitely be a load off.

One of my clients wants to hire my as a fulltime employee. If this falls through, I'm going to ask for $45k-$50k a year (which is about $22.50-$25 an hour). I just got a promotion at my current job, so I figure I can push my boundries a little bit.

Paypal is raping my ass. They froze my account after my last client payed me about  $3200. They said they "need to know more about my business." What total bullshit. They need me to confirm a shipping delivery tracking number. How am I supposed to ship a website? I told them that the product is intangible, and they still don't understand. They just wont work with me on this. The people I talk to have absolutely no control over it, and they said the people that DO have control over the situation do not accept calls. What the hell kind of service is that? I just told them to refund the money back to my client, and I'll find a different way for them to give me my commission. Bastards. I'm never using paypal again.

Joe, my boyfriend is thinking about moving closer to the OC. He currently lives in the San Diego area which is an hour's drive from here. He works mostly in the OC, so I guess he thought it would be a smart idea. Doesnt matter if I have been suggesting it for a year now. This will cut down on so much mileage for me, which is good, especially because I'll be getting a new car in about a week (depending on if Paypal can get their act together). Plus he wont think I'm too needy anymore because he'll be more available to me, which means everytime I see him I wont feel like I havent seen him for two weeks (probably because i usually dont see him for more than once every two weeks). I dont think I'll be so clingy by then.


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