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Hi Christine. :wave:

Posted by synapse on Jul 18, 09 6:44 am

Hm, I was going to mention to you this earlier, but I didn't know if you gave him permission, I see you really don't give permission, but / is using your coding. I mean, who else starts an html file with /* Universal Stuff */ and he has the same font for the headers.

I'm really getting tired with this guy too, this is not the first instance of him jocking other people's stuff, first time was with Roxanne's web profile layout, his looked exactly the same, just blue. :| so, as a friendly person, I thought I should let you know what he's up to now.


Posted by synapse on Apr 27, 08 11:28 pm

Wow trish, you would not believe how many people on cb use your layouts and remove the credit link. >.<


Posted by synapse on Apr 23, 08 4:28 pm

yes i do

Posted by pandora on Apr 15, 08 4:12 pm

by the way, i was going to ask in MP, but yours were about 4 pages back. Do you play piano? I see one in the bg.

Posted by synapse on Apr 15, 08 3:59 pm
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Please do not copy my code and use it for your own profile without asking for my permission first. That would be called jocking. I don't mind sharing, but it would just be nice if people asked me. Bad things will happen if you jock my code. (Like This) Thanks.

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