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April 16 2008, 8:47 AM

I've been working on the nighttime, latte, and espresso skins for cB - it's been fun but skinning the forums is tedious as hell. So many divs and tables; it get's boring after a while haha. I definitely get lazy with it, so I just send it to Jusun half finished. At least skinning cb4 is easy :D

When the skins are released, if you're using a cB layout you downloaded from our layouts section; make sure you set your stylesheet to "daytime style" since all our current cB layouts were made on top of the original daytime stylesheet. That way your profile won't look all funny. Also, make sure you set #logo to display: none if you aren't using the logo.


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Posted by micron on Apr 21, 08 7:36 am

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Please do not copy my code and use it for your own profile without asking for my permission first. That would be called jocking. I don't mind sharing, but it would just be nice if people asked me. Bad things will happen if you jock my code. (Like This) Thanks.

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